Understanding and Effectively Using Michigan's Freedom of Information Act
OCBA, Laches Article 06/01/2011
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The Last Word - How To Handle The Appellate Process by: Sidney Klingler
Insights 09/01/2010

An unfavorable judgment may not be the final word in a lawsuit, as the appellate process allows businesses to redress errors in the trial court. The appellate process is complex and lengthy, but it can help you avoid costly litigation.

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Full Disclosure - How To Comply With Rules Of Discovery Concerning Your Electronically Stored Information by: Robert B. Holt, Jr.
Insights 07/01/2010

State and federal court rules have always provided that a business's information is discoverable if it is relevant to litigation and not protected by attorney-client privilege. However, the federal court rules and, more recently, the Michigan court rules, have been amended to recognize the expanding use and importance of electronically stored information (ESI). The rules make it clear now that ESI is discoverable, too.

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Forgetting the Past: The Anticipated Metamorphosis of Michigan Law Under the "New" Supreme Court
Michigan Appellate Practice Journal 05/15/2010
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How To Make Sure You Can Recover Damages Caused By Tenant Negligence - Don't Pay For Tenant Mistakes by Mark Masters
Insights 05/01/2010

Imagine that you are a landlord, and your tenant's 3-year-old daughter is playing with matches and starts a fire, causing $20,000 in damages to your property.  Is your tenant liable for the fire damage caused by his or her negligence?

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Blowing The Whistle by Caroline A. Grech-Clapper
Insights 03/01/2010

In an area of increased employment litigation claims for discrimination, many former employees are claiming to be whistleblowers or victims of retaliation for reporting violations of the law. In order to avoid complicated, costly lawsuits, employers must understand what constitutes retaliation and when an employee can be protected as a whistleblower...

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Paying It Back - Understanding The New Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement Law by Mark E. Morley
Insights 01/04/2010

With the ongoing debate over national health care, employers may have overlooked a new law that requires group health plan insurers and self-insurers, workers' compensation and no-fault insurers, and third-party administrators and plan administrators to report information to the secretary of Health and Human Services regarding injured employees or other claimants.

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Speaking Parts - How To Prepare Your Employees For A Deposition by John H. Cowley, Jr.
Insights 12/01/2009

If our employees are called to testify at a deposition, their testimony has the power to severely help or hinder your case.  To ensure a mistake-free deposition, executives must prepare employees for what they will face.

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Layoff Litigation - How To Avoid Discrimination Litigation When Downsizing by Bruce A. Truex
Insights 11/01/2009

Reductions in force (RIF) have become a necessary -- although unpopular -- tool for companies that must cut their costs to improve profitability.  Coming to grips with laying people off is stressful for any business owner, but even more traumatic is the realization that downsizing can expose your company to claims of discrimination.

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Power Of Persuasion - How To Develop Your Negotiation Skills by Steven L. Kreuger
Insights 10/01/2009

Whether it's keeping a top salesperson in the fold, dealing with the expectations of customers or vendors, or working on a significant business transaction, executives negotiate every day.

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Prepare To Protect - How To Manage Your Company's Liability Against Litigation by Thomas J. Azoni
Insights 09/01/2009

Facing litigation can be a nightmare for any company. Exposure to claims can not only ruin an organization’s finances, but it can also ruin its reputation or even put it out of business.

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Taking The Necessary Steps - How To Protect Yourself Against D&O Lawsuit Exposure by Jeffrey S. Matis
Insights 08/1/2009

There are many pitfalls that can trip up a corporation, leaving its leaders open to directors and officers liability lawsuits, which can be costly and cause image problems.

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Product Liability Reform - How To Reduce Your Risk Of Lawsuits And Protect Your Company by Terry S. Welch
Insights 07/01/2009

Tort reform has changed the way that Michigan companies approach product liability cases, those involving claims against manufacturers and sellers of allegedly defective products.

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Protection From Fraud - How To Identify Fraudulent Claims And Reduce Your Risk by Nathan Edmonds
Insights 06/01/2009

All businesses, regardless of size or sector, are vulnerable to fraud.  And while the types of schemes used to misappropriate funds vary, they tend to share a common thread:  They can be extremely costly to a business.

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Environmental Remediation - Recent Developments Concerning Michigan Environmental Rules And Regulations by Roy Cole
Insights 05/01/2009

In 1995, Michigan's Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act Part 201 on Environmental Remediation was amended to encourage and stimulate the reuse of contaminated properties.  The amendments created baseline environmental assessments (BEAs) as a method for protecting new owners and operators of contaminated property from liability by establishing a method for distinguishing old contamination from new.

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Secrest Wardle Executive Partner, Shelly Lee Griffin, to Speak at International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) Seminar & Expo on Insurance Fraud
In the News 08/17/2018

Six Secrest Wardle Attorneys Have Been Listed in The Best Lawyers in America© 2019
In The News 08/16/2018

Secrest Wardle Welcomes Associate Stephanie L. Rutkoske to Troy Location
In The News 08/13/2018

Secrest Wardle Welcomes Partner Elizabeth M. Malone to Troy Location
In The News 08/07/2018

Secrest Wardle Executive Partner, Margaret Scott, Appointed as Vice Chair of the Oakland County Bar Association’s Criminal Law Committee
In The News 06/29/2018

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