Appellate Decisions
Property Taxation - Taxable Value Properly Uncapped Where No Mutual Mistake of Fact
Allesee v Township of Bloomfield
Result Date: 02/15/2011
Practice Group: Municipal
42 USC 1983, Conspiracy and First Amendment Claims Against Municipalities And Police Officers
Hamilton v. City of Inskter, et al.
Result Date: 11/12/2010
Practice Group: Municipal
Land Use and Zoning
Dan & Jan Clark, L.L.C. v Charter Township of Orion
Result Date: 06/25/2009
Practice Group: Municipal
Land Use and Zoning
Nathima H. Atchoo, as Trustee of the Nathima H. Atchoo and Peter D. Atchoo Charitable Remainder Trust v Charter Township of Orion
Result Date: 06/23/2009
Practice Group: Municipal
Civil Rights
Lawrence v Bloomfield Township
Result Date: 10/06/2008
Practice Group: Municipal

Municipal; Governmental Immunity; Premises Liability
Ooghe v. City of Warren
Result Date: 10/02/2017

Uninsured Motorist Claim
Shrita Parker v. Progressive Marathon Insurance Company
Result Date: 09/12/2017

No-Fault PIP
The Estate of Calvin Simmons, by his personal representative Victor Payne v. Auto Club Insurance Association
Result Date: 09/12/2017

First party no-fault case, issue as to fraud in procurement of policy
Citizens Ins. Co. of America v. Progressive Michigan Ins. Co.
Result Date: 06/22/2017

First Party No-Fault
Michigan Spine and Pain (Tya Wims) v. Progressive
Result Date: 05/15/2017

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