What a Difference a Day Makes
Vital Signs 07/14/2017

In this published matter of first impression, the Supreme Court’s attention was drawn to the effect of a prospective medical malpractice plaintiff filing its NOI on the very last day of the (typical) two year statute of limitations period.  Haksluoto v Mt. Clemens Regional Med Ctr, et al (E-Journal No. 655020).  The question was raised as to whether, with no “whole” days left...



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Secrest Wardle Partner, Mark C. Vanneste, Revises A.M. Best’s Digest of Insurance Law – Michigan
In the News 09/11/2017

Congratulations to Secrest Wardle’s 2017 Michigan Super Lawyers Designees
In The News 09/06/2017

Congratulations to Secrest Wardle’s 2017 Michigan Rising Stars Designees
In The News 09/06/2017

Secrest Wardle Attorney Serves as Panelist for A.M. Best Webinar, "Reptile Hunters: Insurers’ Defense Counsel Responds to Next Wave Plaintiff Strategies"
In The News 08/30/2017

Secrest Wardle Sponsors 27th Annual Grand Rapids Puddle Blue Goose Golf Outing
In The News 08/23/2017

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Covenant v State Farm Applies Retroactively
No Fault Newsline 09/06/2017

Michigan Supreme Court Sheds Light on Definition of “Generally Accessible” in the Operating While Intoxicated Statute of the Michigan Vehicle Code
Community Watch 08/16/2017

Medical Marijuana is a Reasonable Accommodation
On The Job 08/15/2017

Sellers Don’t Remove that Warning
State of the Art 08/14/2017

The Post-Covenant Era: Michigan Court of Appeals Favors Dismissal of Provider Claims
No-Fault Newsline 07/24/2017

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