Covenant v State Farm Applies Retroactively
No Fault Newsline 09/06/2017

Sellers Don’t Remove that Warning
State of the Art 08/14/2017

What a Difference a Day Makes
Vital Signs 07/14/2017

No Coverage for Shirttail Relative
No-Fault Newsline 04/21/2016

Immunity Under Fire
State of the Art 03/25/2016

Later Payment Has Frankenstein Effect
No-Fault Newsline 03/22/2016

The Tide is Turning in the McCormick Era
No-Fault Newsline 12/30/2015

Hope exists in the post-McCormick era
No-Fault Newsline 07/07/2015

Entrant's Status Revoked
Boundaries 01/08/2015

Ladders and licensees
Boundaries 12/23/2014

No Evidence That Mold Caused Death
Industry Line 01/28/2013

Economic Loss Rule Defeats Tort Claims
State of the Art 01/18/2013

A Light In The Darkness
Boundaries 01/10/2013

Unavoidable Means Unavoidable
Boundaries 12/03/2012

Demolition - An Appealing Decision
Community Watch 12/03/2012

More Shake-Ups On The Michigan Supreme Court
No-Fault Newsline 01/10/2011

Swimming Pool Safety
Landowners' Alert 04/28/2010

Warning, Excluded Driver Not Excluded!
No-Fault Newsline 03/24/2010

Do You See What I See?
Boundaries 03/12/2010

Bed Bug Hysteria
Boundaries 10/13/2009

Cameron Also Hangs In The Balance
No-Fault Newsline 08/31/2009

Supreme Court Poised To Reverse Kreiner
No-Fault Newsline 08/20/2009

Supreme Court Ends MCCA Second Guessing
No-Fault Newsline 07/22/2009

Black Ice Is Not Open And Obvious
Boundaries 03/27/2009

Black Ice: The Debate Continues
Boundaries 11/20/2008

A Curb Is A Part Of A Sidewalk
Boundaries 10/10/2008

Parents' Waiver Waived
Community Watch 08/20/2008

Parents' Waiver Waived
Boundaries 08/18/2008

Court Allows Evidence Of PIP Claims Handlinig
No-Fault Newsline 07/31/2008

An Insurer Lacks
Safeguards 07/10/2008

Corridor Improvement Authorities: Another Valuable Tool
State Bar PCLS Quarterly Article 11/01/2007

Defending a Scalding Case
Vital Signs 05/14/2007

Contaminated Pet Food: What's the Damage?
State of the Art 04/02/2007

Time Is Running Out!
On The Job 02/26/2007

Protections For Manufacturers and Sellers
For The Defense 04/29/2006

Employers Remember: Caveat Emptor!
On the Job 11/07/2005

Open? Obvious? So What?
Boundaries 07/14/2005

Tips to Avoid Lawsuits
Landowners' Alert 12/14/2004

Statutes Protect Incident Report
Vital Signs 11/19/2004

Ramp Lip Was Open and Obvious
Boundaries 08/06/2004

Truck's logo enough to preclude dismissal
No Fault Newsline 06/30/2004

Pizza case - deliver at your own peril!
No Fault Newsline 06/22/2004

Secrest Wardle Adopted Family in Need to Support 22nd Annual Food & Gift Drive Sponsored by Troy Police Department, VFW Post #4037 & Alliance Mobile Health
In the News 12/29/2016

Secrest Wardle Recognized As National Top Ranked Firm
Press Release 12/29/2011

Caroline Grech-Clapper Has Breakfast With Senator Stabenow
Press Release 12/23/2013

Secrest Wardle Senior Partner and Co-Managing Partner, Mark E. Morley, to Serve on Alma College President’s Advisory Council
In the News 12/20/2016

Congratulations to our Newest Associate Attorney - Andrew J. Laurila
In The News 12/19/2014

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Shaky Grounds: Pea Gravel Around Fire Pit is Open and Obvious and Does Not Present Special Aspect
Boundaries 12/13/2017

Iced Out: Michigan Court of Appeals Reaffirms Axiomatic Principle that Icy Sidewalk is Open and Obvious Hazard in Winter and Does Not Render Premises Unfit for its Intended Use and Purpose Under Michigan Landlord Tenant Act
Boundaries 12/11/2017

Release of (Most) Claims: Ski Resort’s Liability Releases Only Pertained to Competitive Skiing
Boundaries 11/30/2017

Wintertime in Michigan: Appellate court finds that black ice can be open and obvious even where the ice itself is not visible on casual inspection
Boundaries 11/27/2017

Michigan Court of Appeals Drops the Curtain in a Premises/Ordinary Negligence Case Involving a Slip and Fall in a Dark Theater
Boundaries 11/27/2017

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