No Attorney Fees for You
No-Fault Newsline 04/13/2018

No Shortcuts to Attorney's Fees
No-Fault Newsline 03/19/2018

Covenant v State Farm Applies Retroactively
No Fault Newsline 09/06/2017

Sellers Don’t Remove that Warning
State of the Art 08/14/2017

What a Difference a Day Makes
Vital Signs 07/14/2017

No Coverage for Shirttail Relative
No-Fault Newsline 04/21/2016

Immunity Under Fire
State of the Art 03/25/2016

Later Payment Has Frankenstein Effect
No-Fault Newsline 03/22/2016

The Tide is Turning in the McCormick Era
No-Fault Newsline 12/30/2015

Hope exists in the post-McCormick era
No-Fault Newsline 07/07/2015

Entrant's Status Revoked
Boundaries 01/08/2015

Ladders and licensees
Boundaries 12/23/2014

No Evidence That Mold Caused Death
Industry Line 01/28/2013

Economic Loss Rule Defeats Tort Claims
State of the Art 01/18/2013

A Light In The Darkness
Boundaries 01/10/2013

Unavoidable Means Unavoidable
Boundaries 12/03/2012

Demolition - An Appealing Decision
Community Watch 12/03/2012

More Shake-Ups On The Michigan Supreme Court
No-Fault Newsline 01/10/2011

Swimming Pool Safety
Landowners' Alert 04/28/2010

Warning, Excluded Driver Not Excluded!
No-Fault Newsline 03/24/2010

Do You See What I See?
Boundaries 03/12/2010

Bed Bug Hysteria
Boundaries 10/13/2009

Cameron Also Hangs In The Balance
No-Fault Newsline 08/31/2009

Supreme Court Poised To Reverse Kreiner
No-Fault Newsline 08/20/2009

Supreme Court Ends MCCA Second Guessing
No-Fault Newsline 07/22/2009

Black Ice Is Not Open And Obvious
Boundaries 03/27/2009

Black Ice: The Debate Continues
Boundaries 11/20/2008

A Curb Is A Part Of A Sidewalk
Boundaries 10/10/2008

Parents' Waiver Waived
Community Watch 08/20/2008

Parents' Waiver Waived
Boundaries 08/18/2008

Court Allows Evidence Of PIP Claims Handlinig
No-Fault Newsline 07/31/2008

An Insurer Lacks
Safeguards 07/10/2008

Corridor Improvement Authorities: Another Valuable Tool
State Bar PCLS Quarterly Article 11/01/2007

Defending a Scalding Case
Vital Signs 05/14/2007

Contaminated Pet Food: What's the Damage?
State of the Art 04/02/2007

Time Is Running Out!
On The Job 02/26/2007

Protections For Manufacturers and Sellers
For The Defense 04/29/2006

Employers Remember: Caveat Emptor!
On the Job 11/07/2005

Open? Obvious? So What?
Boundaries 07/14/2005

Tips to Avoid Lawsuits
Landowners' Alert 12/14/2004

Statutes Protect Incident Report
Vital Signs 11/19/2004

Ramp Lip Was Open and Obvious
Boundaries 08/06/2004

Truck's logo enough to preclude dismissal
No Fault Newsline 06/30/2004

Pizza case - deliver at your own peril!
No Fault Newsline 06/22/2004

Secrest Wardle Adopted Family in Need to Support 22nd Annual Food & Gift Drive Sponsored by Troy Police Department, VFW Post #4037 & Alliance Mobile Health
In the News 12/29/2016

Secrest Wardle Recognized As National Top Ranked Firm
Press Release 12/29/2011

Secrest Wardle Supports 23rd Annual Holiday Food & Gift Drive Sponsored by Troy Police Department & Alliance Mobile Health
In The News 12/27/2017

Caroline Grech-Clapper Has Breakfast With Senator Stabenow
Press Release 12/23/2013

Secrest Wardle Partner Renee T. Townsend Honored at Michigan Lawyers Weekly 2017 “Up & Coming Lawyers” Awards Celebration
In The News 12/22/2017

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In the Eye of the Beholder: COA holds that lack of graspable handrail on staircase was open and obvious condition, and that artwork falling from wall did not cause slip and fall incident
Boundaries 06/21/2018

Does a landlord out of possession have a duty to inspect the premises? Court of Appeals says “Yes”
Boundaries 06/15/2018

Hitting the Slopes: COA Allows Plaintiff to Amend Complaint to Add Proprietary Function Exemption and Avoid Summary Disposition in Skiing Accident Case
Amusement and Leisure 06/08/2018

Supreme Court Sets ‘Reasonably Foreseeable Misuse’ Test Under Products Statute
State of the Art 06/06/2018

Plaintiff attempts to transform no-fault claim following case evaluation hearing; Court of Appeals holds: not so fast, there’s more than meets the eye
No-Fault Newsline 06/01/2018

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